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My Dissertation for Central Saint Martins about

Manhattanization of Bangkok. 


Manhattanization has been a serious topic among the big cities all over the world. It is described as the change of cities’ skyline towards the Manhattan form. The term originated from San Francisco during the 60s, when the downtown core was transformed to high-rise urban landscape rapidly. This trend of building skyscrapers was later brought to other regions especially the big cities, due to different factors (e.g. limited space, population, wealth). While Europe is still protecting their historical buildings, Asia and South America are already in the midst of Manhattanization. In Southeast Asia, five largest economies (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines) known as ASEAN 5 (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) are home to many tall buildings. Bangkok, as a fast developing city as well as newly industrialized, was heavily Manhattanized over the past 40 years. Since then the skyline of Bangkok has changed from so-called “Venice of the East” to mega concrete capital. How to live in Manhattanized city sustainably is the conclusion to this dissertation.


This set of dissertation consists of a dissertation book with maps from different areas of Bangkok, Board game (Manhattanized Bangkok!) describing this phenomenon and a Photobook.