© 2019 Atikhun Jansanjai


This brief response to Bangkok, The Changing Skyline brief. I explored within the area and theme I was interested in the whole term. The whole theme is about the urbanisation and the urban issues of big cities. Gangs territories topic were chosen to explore more. It linked from the knowledge of superblocks and how the network of dead-end small alleys opens to a mysterious and hidden world. Superblocks can be a place with high crime rates and where organised crimes are located. 


I first explored how those gangs illegally take over places and how they identify their own areas. It brought me to the gang graffiti idea. From a serious research project, I digested it into a simple experimental project.


Firstly to understand about their acts of making some places there. I have created a stupid random gang named "Gluesome Boyz" along with "Hello Kitty" logo. I later brought this gang into life by trying to spread my identity around some specific area.


I chose Old Street, Shoreditch and Hoxton in London as experimental areas. I followed the map made and started to stick my stickers in hard places in the middle of the night. I had later recorded my experiments and experiences from those. At the end of the project, I went to remove all my stickers while I found someone already taken them out.