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HYPER_BOX is a speculative design living for Neo Hong Kong city in 2065. Due to the extreme population growth, urban density, the limited flat space on the current Hong Kong islands the government planned to expand the city to the newly reclaimed land island called Neo Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it is facing the same density problem.

The concept of box houses is used to solve this situation where everybody has the same limited house size but with fully equipped basic amenities. You buy a box and attach it to the core buildings.

The project is a graphic designer based, which is meant to reflect the topic of urbanism and density. The vertical slum life in Hong Kong is the inspiration. However, this project is not aiming to solve the existing problems sustainably. It shows the concept of Hi-tech - Low life as the real estate's investors only think about their profits. People have no choice but to live in this dystopian cyberpunk society in the future